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Spoon or mirror?
24 November 2011

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Phi Phi Jetty
23 May 2010

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Lazy Monkey
15 May 2010

Recent Comments

Xerophytes on Wesak Procession in Penang
Nice one!

singapore photo studio on Phi Phi Jetty
nice shot!

daiyen on Phi Phi Jetty
Nice to see unspoiled beautiful clear water at such a touristic destination.

kwok shien on Relaxing Scooter Ride
But this pic is so full of creativity creativity is also an important element in a good photo

Rhen Hwa on Relaxing Scooter Ride
Yalor, very dangerous. Haa...

sweynt on Relaxing Scooter Ride
Please don't shooting while riding motorbike...

sweynt on Phi Phi Jetty
wow..the water is really crystal clear..

sweynt on Sun Bath on the Ferry
Ya..the weather is hot...

kwok shien on Sun Bath on the Ferry
He is so hot!

kwok shien on Lovely Couple on Vacation
heart warmed....

sweynt on Good Morning, Penang!
WoW...Impressive... Hope can snap picture with you next time.

Rhen Hwa on Good Morning, Penang!
Good job!!! Keep it on!!!

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